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  Organoil's objective is to maintain and preserve
timber using vital, natural materials from the plant
and mineral kingdoms. Whilst providing effective
protection for timbers in Australia's harsh
conditions,this principle has also firmly in mind
the health of the end user and the environment.

Organoil products represent a major refinement of some of the oldest known principles in finishing timber. A "life blood" has been formulated from the plant kingdom that penetrates into the timber structure allowing it to breathe, settle and age with grace.

All of Organoil's timber finishes are based on pure, efficient plant oils, and each product is technically formulated to cater for the timber where it is being utilised. The preservation properties of plant oils are the longest standing by far in our industry (many centuries under Marine conditions) and by focusing on the NEEDS to get the job done, and applying 21st century plant oil Technology, Organoil will further provide a quality finish with a simple maintenance procedure.

Choosing an Organoil product will give you the peace of mind knowing that the ingredients come from renewable natural resources. We do not use or manufacture synthetic chemical ingredients.

Benefits of Plant-based Oils
The reason why PLANT oils have a centuries old history of proven superior preserving properties is simply because timber was a PLANT, and the nourishment and compatibility of the plant oils serves to maintain the timber's structural integrity. Also natural plant oils are much safer and user-friendly.

It took a company like Organoil Pty Ltd to understand how, where and why which plant oils are required to get the job done, and to incorporate these natural, refined materials into their timber finishes.

Mineral turpentine ("turps"), which is the major component (base) of most other oil-based timber finishes, is a petroleum thinner/solvent and it is not a nourishing oil. As well, upon its evaporation OUT of your timber it becomes an environmental pollutant.

Moulds and Fungus
Organoil's external products contain several "active" oils (and no mould conducive vegetable oils such
as Linseed, etc.) that are antiseptic, mouldicidal/fungicidal by nature and help resist mould and fungus
flourishing on your timber. Chlorates and other chemicals are not even considered for use in Organoil
products because of the environmental and health risks they pose. Besides, whether natural or
chemical, the life span of such properties is relevant to U.V. and weather exposure. If you are in a
particularly mould/fungus prone area you can make the choice to add one of the fungicidal additives
available on the market to the Organoil product, handling it carefully - and perhaps beg the question
if the manufacturer's own timber finishes are so effective why do they make a fungicidal additive?

Ultra Violet Protection
Organoil's U-V screen comes from Metal Oxides (Iron and/or Zinc - industry standards) which are
incorporated into our Exterior stains and Decking Oils because they have the capacity to absorb U.V.
rays and slow down the degradation at the timber surface. Moving into Organoil's fuller stains further
increases metal oxides present therefore reducing fading U.V. ray degradation even more.

Exterior Timber Maintenance Advice
NO timber finish is maintenance FREE with ALL of them being but the medium with which YOU
maintain your timber! If you don't want to do maintenance, either don't use timber, or just forget about
its appearance and perhaps only concern yourself with its preservation (which Organoil DOES DO no
matter how it LOOKS). To KEEP attractive appearances, and hold the value of your investment, Organoil
offers a NO SANDING and generally one coat reapplication system with a preparation, if necessary, of
a prior wash down with high water pressure and/or scrub with a bristle brush and soapy water.

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